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Notes from the Clergy

Father Hunt webAn important aspect of our Christian life is learning and discovery. No matter how young or old we are, there is always more to discover and learn: about God and our response to him in worship and holy living; about God’s wonderful creation and how to care for it and use its gifts wisely; about ourselves as human beings made in the image and likeness of God, our capacity to love and to be loved. Here at St. James’ we seek to offer a variety of opportunities for learning: through preaching; through the sessions offered in Formation; through Pax and other writing; through the work of our Children & Family Co-ordinator; through the activities of our different Guilds and Ministries.

Louisa Farrell, our Children & Family Co-ordinator, has been with us since the beginning of October, getting to know some of our younger members and their families, and familiarising herself with the liturgy. Louisa is an experienced Godly Play Practitioner, and from next Sunday, Advent 1, she will begin to offer Godly Play during the Liturgy of the Word. Children, with a parent’s/carer’s consent, will go to the Rectory during the Kyrie for some 30 minutes or so, during which time they will share in worship and hearing the Christian story at a child-focused level: this will be their Liturgy of the Word. They will return to the nave in time to share the Peace and the Liturgy of the Sacrament. We intend early in the New Year to share a Godly Play session with the whole congregation. (For more information on Godly Play, please go to the Diocesan Ministry/Children & Youth Ministries link on

Formation on Sundays will be taking a break until the New Year, when we hope to resume with some Bible or Bible-related study. There has been some discussion at Parish Council and elsewhere about the most desirable time-slot for Formation sessions: before or after High Mass, later on a Sunday, or on a weekday. Leslie Arnovick is to undertake some “audience research” by organising an email questionnaire (doodle poll), which will be circulated shortly. Please respond to this when it comes out, to help us determine the most useful time to offer Formation.

Fr. Kevin

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