St James Anglican Church

Notes from the Clergy

Father Hunt web

The Canonical Committee is consulting widely and working hard on the preparation of the Parish Profile. It is hoped that there will be a draft ready to share at the Parish Leaders’ Retreat on Tuesday 9 August. Thereafter the Profile will be sent to the Bishop for further consideration. The aim is to publish the Profile and to begin the formal process of seeking a new Rector in the fall.

Several weeks ago the Committee invited members of the congregation to answer two questions: “What brought you to St James’?” and “Why do you stay?” There was a good response, and the returns make interesting reading. The comments have been collated and will be sent electronically to all those on the parish email list. Paper copies will also be available in church or from the office. The Committee is continuing to work on the feedback from the exercise at last month’s Parish Council.
In a sense this is all part of a conversation amongst all members of St James’, sharing our history and identity, what matters to us collectively in our life as the Body of Christ in this place, how we want St James’ to be in the next decade. Preparing the Profile has been the catalyst for this conversation, but it is one which should be ongoing, and which should continue with the arrival of a new Rector.

In the fall it is hoped that we will continue this conversation, learning more about one another, as we share our hopes, concerns and aspirations.

In the meantime, over the summer please keep the work of the Canonical Committee and the appointment of a new Rector in your prayers.

Fr. Kevin Hunt