Clergy Notes – Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here we are, approximately two and a half weeks until Lent begins! A week ago Thursday night saw much celebration and jubilation as our community came together for the induction of Fr. Kevin as our permanent Rector.

Dean Peter Elliot spoke about the importance of St. James’ both historically and in our neighbourhood today. Our Anglo-Catholic way of being is often what draws people to us, and is a beautiful way to live, worship and to grow into relationship with God and with each other. However, Dean Peter also urged us not to limit our imaginations as to how we are being called to live and serve Jesus, today, in our present.

Who can we be together as we continue to practice inclusion, welcome and service? I believe these are important things for us to continue to ponder and discuss with each other, especially in light of the current global political climate. South of our border the government is narrowing its gaze to look inward, the same is true of the UK as they begin the break with the European Union. The walls are going up.

We must not allow our tradition to narrow our vision, but rather hold a wide gaze that is loving, inclusive, open, and the way of Jesus Christ. The one who taught us to call God “Father” calls us into relationship as family: brothers and sisters in Christ. Growing up in England people used to say to me (usually in the aftermath of a sibling related “incident”): “you can’t choose your family, you get what you get, warts and all!”

Here at St. James’ we are choosing to answer the call to be family, to be a royal priesthood, to knock down the walls that can creep in between us. Every time we gather together to worship and celebrate Mass we become one body in the one bread.

I am glad to be part of this family, and I’m excited to see how we will grow together . . . warts and all!

Deacon Lucy