Clergy Notes — Sunday, September 17, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of attending the induction of Mother Miranda Sutherland at Christ Church Hope.

The church was packed out and there was a great deal of optimism and excitement in the air. You can find the pictures on the diocese Facebook page. The text that accompanies it reads:

“A beautiful, late summer evening in Hope, BC was the location for the Induction of the 21st Rector of the Venerable Parish. The Reverend Miranda Ophelia Sutherland was joyfully installed by Bishop Melissa Skelton as the Incumbent of a delighted faith community. The 156 year old church was filled to capacity with parishioners, friends, 18 clergy from around the diocese and well-wishers from the City of Hope.”

During the service I was reminded that the ministry of a congregation is a shared one. We all have our part to play, gifts to offer, jobs we can do, prayers to say, and things we need. Our ministry is about more than what people see on a Sunday during our time of worship together.

However from the Eucharist where we come together as the body of Christ, we are also sent out into the world to pursue and practice justice and mercy for the imparting of the Kingdom of God within and beyond the Parish. This is just one of our mission objectives at St. James’. Where do you see us doing this? Where are opportunities to do more?

Mother Lucy