Clergy Notes — Sunday, November 12, 2017

This weekend we observe Remembrance Day and take a time of silence to pray for those who sacrificed their lives in battles for the freedom that we have today. We give thanks to those who have given their lives for us. We give thanks to Christ our redeemer who gave up his life on the cross, and seek ways to follow him as his disciples.

It is unlikely that where we are we will be asked to sacrifice our lives in battle, but we are called to sacrifice in other ways. In the way we spend our time, our money and our lives as an offering of sacrifice, thanksgiving and praise to God.

As you know, St. James’ has a reputation for being a BIG presence in our local community and we seek to continue to be a bright beacon here on the DTES. To do that we need you, people who know us and people we do not yet know!

For example, one of our upcoming initiatives is to have the main church open to the public more often during the day. We trialled this on October 2nd with great success. When the doors are open people come in seeking a quiet space, a moment of prayer, and the sacraments, God is drawing people to us and to God’s self.

To keep the church open we need volunteers to be present in the space. Can you give a few hours of your time? You will be given support and training and will work alongside others in this ministry of presence.

This is just one example of a way you can serve here. Can you use an iron? Can you sew, or make a pot of coffee? Do you listen well, can you pray with people? And who do you know who is looking for volunteer work or better yet, seeking Jesus!?

What we do here at St. James’ is made possible by a wide cross section of people, not just Christian people, or the folks you see at Mass. Consider the bargain sale that happens twice a year. Many of the volunteers who come to set up and serve at these events do not attend church, and yet here they are.

Go on, sign up, spread the word and be part of the light here at St. James’.

Thanks very much,

Mother Lucy