Clergy Notes — July 1, 2018

The summer is here . . . I think it is now safe to say that given the warm weather, even with our Canadian predisposition to comment on the weather daily! Have I jinxed us? If winter arrived this weekend, you can blame me.

It has always seemed odd to me that during the summer people go to church less. It is after all one of the cooler places to be in terms of temperature, to say nothing of the awesome opportunity to worship and commune with God.

I get it, lots of us take vacation during the summer. It is an opportunity to rest and ready ourselves for September which seems to be the time that is generally accepted as being when things crank up again, with school starting again. However, even folks who don’t have pressures related to the school calendar take time away from church during the summer.

I get it. It may feel like the barbeque or patio is calling our name, but the truth is, God is still calling each of us by name even through the summer. What does your summer look like this year and where you are able to take rest? I invite you to take time to rest in God, and spend some time discerning where God is calling you, and where God is calling us, the people of St. James’ Vancouver, as we continue in our shared ministry here.

Attending the recent ordinations at our Cathedral last week and in Victoria yesterday, I was reminded of something Archbishop Melissa said at my own: “Be faithful to the many vows you will make today. For faithfulness is the bedrock of your stability in God. And at the same time remember to pay attention to your ongoing discernment, for through this God refreshes and renews you, and the people you serve.”

Consider these words in relation to the vows made at baptism. Can we articulate them? Can we explain how we are living them out day by day? Take some time to dwell on the promises at your baptism, listen for God, on the patio, in the shade, and while sun tanning or gazing at the horizon from a beach this summer. I’d love to hear what you come up with. Perhaps it will help us plan our formation for the Fall.

See you soon, Mother Lucy