Clergy Notes – Sunday, June 24, 2018

What does it feel like to come in to church? I’ve heard a few things while we have been trialling “Open Church” between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

“It’s so peaceful in here, I’ve walked past but never been in.”

“Wow it’s beautiful in here. Is there a service happening today?”

“I’ve always wondered about being baptised. What is that and can I be baptised and confirmed?”

These are just a few of the comments and questions that people have made when first entering the church on the Wednesdays we have been open. I see our visitors as gifts from God.

This coming Wednesday, June 27, Open Church will go ahead again. I invite you to come and try it out. Our current team of Open Church Ministers consists of about six people. Wednesday the 27th we will be gathering at 2:15 pm after the doors have closed to give thanks and have tea together with cake and sandwiches. We will be brainstorming what we might include as resources while the church is open. We will be sharing experiences of this ministry and invite you to come and join us to see if this might be a ministry you want to be part of.

What would it be like for the church doors to be open a few or every weekday? The people currently involved in this ministry think it would be great. St. James’ has a history of being a central point in the community. When its doors are open, we are there for our neighbours and visitors alike. Welcoming them inside, we hear their stories and have the opportunity to share with them our space and our hospitality.

Some people come back for a service. Some don’t, but all leave having met a minister (clergy or lay) of Christ’s church. Come and see, but let me know, so we have plenty of cake! Email: [email protected]

I hope to see you there.

Mother Lucy