Clergy Notes _ Sunday, July 8, 2018

We have officially moved past the halfway point of this calendar year. It is 171 days until Christmas. You know Christmas Eve is my favourite service of the year, but I must be patient, there is lots coming up between now and then and  so much has happened at St. James’ already this year!

We had a screening of This Changes Everything, Even the Church in collaboration with the Our Lady of Guadalupe. Lots of Formation sessions, Rule of Life review, “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John, The Pilgrim Course Part One” and baptismal preparation. Wow!

Parish Councils and a Special Vestry, and let’s not forget the fantastic Pancake Lunch hosted by our wonderful Narthex Guild after Mass the Sunday prior to Ash Wednesday. Fantastic to gather together around food, and the Guild are planning another splendid feast for us after High Mass on St. James’ Day – mark your calendars – July 22.

Holy Week was a beautiful journey as ever, and for me as a new priest it was a gift to preside those services and worship with you as we came to the foot of the cross and journeyed on to the joy of Easter Sunday and the celebration of the resurrection of our Saviour.

We were blessed with Juanita Clarke our diaconal intern, and recently ordained Deacon, as she journeyed with us and continued to discern her calling and embrace the liturgy here at St. James’.

In our Music Series the Vancouver Viols and Royal Holloway Choir delighted us in our space and we have the Gesualdo Six to look forward to this July 21, with more to come!

The Spring Bargain Sale run by the Women’s Guild and friends was as usual a huge success and a service to our local community, giving them the opportunity to purchase everything from books to rice cookers, jackets to baking sheets for next to nothing.

In the first week of June, the Radical Inclusion seminar saw the church packed with people who otherwise would likely had never come in, and Open Church has been achieving the same on Wednesdays, and welcoming many of our visitors back to our midweek and Sunday services.

So, lots more to come. I give thanks for the work of the Holy Spirit among us and our ongoing ministry together.

See you soon.

Mother Lucy