Clergy Notes — Sunday, September 2, 2018

This week I had the chance to walk around the Clergy House with Nancy our Project Manager. The space is gutted through and some of the rooms have started to take shape. Mechanical and electrical pipes and wires hang from the ceiling and the old and the new lie side by side, beckoning the viewer to imagine the possibilities.

Despite there being a lot of work left to do, I found myself imagining, the study groups, meetings, events that could take place in the space when it is finished. Who will we be welcoming to St. James’ once our offices have an accessible street front presence?

I was disappointed when Nancy told me that a fireman’s pole from my office to the kitchen was not a possibility, but hey, in time, and given enough counselling, I am sure I will get over it.

Exiting back onto Cordova, there was the bustle of a film crew, greetings from some of our neighbours and a renewed sense of activity and excitement as we come into September and start thinking about our shared ministry into the Fall and leading up to Christmas. Yes as always I have already begun to torture Fr. Kevin with the exact number of days until Christmas.

Information will be coming shortly about Fall ministry opportunities and times to gather for studying scripture. Keep your eye out for that!

During Advent we will be doing a book study with Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s book Walking Backwards to Christmas. The books arrived at the office today and suggested donation will be announced nearer the time.

There is lots going on, and I hope to be able to share with you more about the Open Church Ministry and what part St. James’ will play in the Heart of the City Festival over the next couple of weeks.

Bye for now,

Mother Lucy