Clergy Notes — Sunday, September 30, 2018

I’ve been looking forward to Parish Council, it is good for us to be together as a community to think about where we are at and where we are headed and to celebrate Mass together.

In the coming weeks we will be walking through the Book of Acts in our formation sessions and thinking about our vision as God’s church in our changing context and time. We seek to discover the beauty of holiness in a Christ-centered sacramental life, rooted in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. What is that going to looking like in the coming days, months, and years?

We are a community that is good at welcoming people and devoted to prayer. We work consistently at formation, through the reading and study of scripture. The clergy team would love to hear from you. What specific subject, practice, book, or scripture would you like to learn about to deepen your relationship with God, and live out your faith in the different places that each of you goes to when you leave the church building?

Do you feel like you know other people at St. James’? Is there one person that you feel connected with, who you know and who knows you? What do you think we could be doing to get to know each other better? What could we be doing to get to know our immediate geographical community better? Do you know what is on the St. James’ calendar and where to find information about upcoming events?

Social justice has always been a big part of the Anglo-Catholic church. As you know we are a Metro Vancouver Alliance member organization, and continue to be involved in discussion and collective activism for the basic rights of the people in our city, key issues being housing and transit. Where else do you see opportunities for us to be making a difference? Come and talk to me or one of the other clergy, we want to hear from you!

If you’re here at the church for the first time, I want to hear from you as well! Please come and introduce yourself to me, I’d love to hear your story. I’m Lucy, or Mother Lucy if you prefer to be more formal, I even answer to Padre, Pastor, Sister and hello!

See you soon, Mother Lucy