Clergy Notes — Sunday, October 28, 2018

The DTES Heart of the City Festival began on Wednesday 24 October and runs through to Sunday 4 November. This is the 15th Annual Festival celebrating the rich and diverse cultural life of our neighbourhood, expressed in music and theatre, dance, written and spoken word, film and art. What wealth there is here in the midst of the challenges to daily living which are so often the focus of DTES news!

I commend to you the Festival Programme (or go to to capture something of the excitement of what is being offered. It is good too that St James’ and some of our members have their place in the Festival: the Women’s Guild Bargain Sale; Open Church, with a guided tour and an organ demonstration; the All Souls’ Requiem; our hosting of “Call Mr. Robeson – A Life, with Songs”; the All Saints’ Sunday Mass; a tribute to the late Pat McSherry. It is good to see that St James’ is at the Heart of the Heart of the City! As we should be, we are rooted in our neighbourhood.

As many of you will be aware, after prayerful reflection and discussion, the Women’s Guild has decided that this past Friday’s Bargain Sale was the last. The challenge of sustaining the number of volunteers, the physical demands of preparation and the changing needs of the neighbourhood have all contributed to this decision. Whilst this brings to an end one particularly significant and long-standing work of the Guild, which was celebrated with flourish and style on Friday, the Women’s Guild will nonetheless continue its ministry of service, for which we are both delighted and very grateful.

Enjoy the Heart of the City Festival!

Fr Kevin