Clergy Notes – Sunday, December 2, 2018

“Coming, ready or not!” Do you remember the seeker’s signal in the children’s game ‘Hide and Seek’ that she is opening her eyes and beginning to search, whether or not the hiders have managed to find a secret refuge? Too late now, if you’re caught, you’re caught!

This is the Advent call of Jesus too: “Coming, ready or not!” Jesus is on the lookout for each of us, whether we have prepared ourselves to welcome him, or we have chosen to run or hide away. He came in his birth at Bethlehem, in a stable of all places and with his parents on an enforced journey away from home; he and his family were soon to be refugees in a foreign land. He comes today in those around us, made in his image and likeness, our families and friends; those who are sleeping on the steps of St. James’ and in our streets. He breaks into our lives too in our bible reading, at home and in church, and when we come to celebrate Mass together. We believe that he will in the fulness of time come again in glory, presenting us to the Father in the renewal and fulfilment of all creation.

But let’s try to be ready, to recognise and welcome him whenever and however he comes! To help us, we have our Advent Formation study Walking Backwards to Christmas. There is the option to sign up via the Diocesan website for the daily Advent email reflection, Living in the Edge. Many Christians find Advent an appropriate time for self-examination, to make their confession or to have a spiritual conversation with a priest or soul-friend. Your clergy are here for you: please feel free to make an appointment with any of them.

May the Lord, when he comes, find us watching and waiting!

Fr. Kevin