Clergy Notes — Sunday, June 2, 2019

It’s good to be back, and it has been wonderful to reconnect with those of you I have seen this week. Walking the Camino de Santiago was incredible, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience and time away with God. Thank you for your prayers, messages and words of encouragement while I have been away.

Many of you have already asked how it went. It was one heck of a journey, which I guess is what a pilgrimage is all about. There were challenges and moments of intense joy. I attended the Mass each week in French and Spanish and found myself grateful for our tradition and liturgy, because even though I don’t speak either language fluently I was able to pray the creeds, the Lord’s Prayer and take part in the Mass in English as the rhythm of the liturgy unfolded.

I prayed for you while I was away and on reaching Santiago, I prayed for us and for guidance as we continue our shared ministry here in Vancouver.

Frequently asked questions since I’ve been back:

How are my feet? I only got 4 small blisters the whole time I was away and aside from being a bit sore, they are doing great! Thanks for asking!

Did I hug St. James’ in the Cathedral at Santiago? Yes, I visited the saint and gave his statue a very quick hug which felt rather odd. I prayed and gave thanks downstairs where his relics rest, and hung out in the square in front of the cathedral as the inside is undergoing intense renovations.

Was there a highlight or favourite moment? It’s hard to choose one. I think crossing the Pyrenees from France into Spain is something I will never forget. The mountains were majestic and the views looking down on emerald ridges of peaks below were truly breathtaking.

Will I be presenting anything on the trip? I will be giving a presentation/short Q&A at the upcoming Parish Council. I look forward to sharing some of my photos and reflections with you and am glad to be back here with you. It is good for us to be here! See you Sunday.

Mother Lucy