Clergy Notes — June 30, 2019

Do you remember back in January a group of us from the Thursday night Bible Study went and spent the evening volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank instead of at the church? While there, we learned that the summer is the toughest time of year for the food bank as they receive fewer donations. Therefore we are doing a food drive to help them out!

Our food drive will run from July 1st to August 12th 2019. What better way to kick off Canada Day this coming Monday than to begin thinking about what you can give to Canadians in Vancouver who use the food bank to help feed their families?

Fr. Kevin and I have committed to filling a box each to kick start the drive. As a community we are going to try and fill 25 boxes, which will be stacked in the baptistry and collected by the Greater Vancouver Food bank on August 14th during Open Church. This is a great way for us to partner with an organization which is currently located inside our parish boundaries and helps over 27,500 people a week in our city — 25% of these are children, 35% are seniors.

Please bring non-perishable donations to the church when you attend Mass or during Open Church Hours 10 am-2 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays. There will be a box in the Narthex for you to leave your offering.

Want to commit to filling a 12” x 15” x 10” box? You can collect one in July from the baptistry and return it by August long weekend! You could take one to work, or ask friends and family to contribute.

Here is a list of the much needed items: canned fish, or canned turkey, canned black beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans, dried lentils, nuts or seeds (packaged not bulk), whole wheat pasta & whole grain rice, canned fruit & vegetables, powdered skimmed milk, and hearty stews with 10g or more protein.

Let’s crack on and fill the boxes! No donation is too small.

See you soon,

Mother Lucy