Clergy Notes — Sunday, November 3, 2019

The days are shorter, we put our clocks back in an effort to control our access to daylight, but we are heading into a season of darkness and then waiting. Waiting and praying for the time when we celebrate the light of the world, Jesus incarnate God, alive and among us in the flesh.

It’s around this time of year that people say things like “where does the time go?” Or how is it almost Christmas already?” Then begins the frenzy. This year for our Advent formation we will be looking at different types of prayer, offering space for practice, discussion and reflection. There will be more info to follow on this.

In the mean time I’d like to go back to the map that we stuck our pins in and ask about meet ups. I’ve spoken to lots of you individually about meeting in groups based on geography, for example the north shore, what would it be like to get together for coffee with others who live in that area and talk scripture? Is this something you’d be interested in doing in the area where you live? We have people in East Van, downtown, here near the church etc. I believe that small group gatherings like this are essential for us to flourish. By getting to know one another and studying together we can find new ways to be God’s church in the world.

This week the Heart of the City Festival is on and St. James’ will be busy. We’ve already had the Cantata Singers and the All Souls Mass, with more to come. Take a look through the Heart of the City brochure, I found I was surprised by how much great art and theatre is happening in our neighbourhood. As we know, when many Vancouverites think of the downtown Eastside, they take a negative view. We know different, there is a tremendous sense of community down here, so check out some festival events and get to know our neighbours a little better.

See you soon,

Mother Lucy