Clergy Notes – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, July 5, 2020

This past week has seen the opening of Nominations for a Coadjutor Bishop for our diocese, prior to the election on Saturday, October 3, 2020. Nominations close on July 31. (Coadjutor means a Bishop with right of succession, so the duly elected Coadjutor will take up office at the end of January, and then subsequently succeed Archbishop Melissa as Bishop of the diocese when she retires at the end of February 2021.) 

Fr. Richard Leggett (Chair of the Committee) writes: “The Episcopal Election Committee invites everyone in the diocese, and especially Synod Delegates who are responsible for nominating candidates and electing the new Bishop, to pray deeply and courageously about whom they believe God is calling to be our next Bishop. In the spirit of celebrating the diversity of God’s people, we ask you to reach out widely to the many networks to which you are connected. We are seeking a diverse and inclusive set of nominees, especially nominees who are members of communities who have been under-represented or not represented in episcopal elections.” 

Please, everyone, remember this election in your prayers, that our Synod may call a wise, visionary and faithful new Bishop.

Here is a prayer commended by the Committee:


A Prayer for the Diocese

Triune God, Three-in-One and One-in-Three,
you created the Church to embody your mission in the world.

We thank you for the gift of your presence,
so that we may be still and know your will for us.
We thank you for Jesus
who taught us that strength and growth
come through acts of humble service.
We thank you for the Holy Spirit
sent to lead us into all truth.
Bless the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster
as we prepare to elect a Bishop Coadjutor.
Keep us steadfast in faith,
united in love and courageous in action,
so that we may manifest your love for this world.
This we ask through Jesus Christ, our Friend and Helper.



Details of the process, and the Diocesan Profile, may be found at:

Fr. Kevin

To download the service booklet for Sunday, July 5 click: Liturgy at Home Pentecost 5 Sun July 5 2020