Clergy Notes — Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sunday, August 16, 2020

This Sunday there will be a public celebration of the Mass in St. James’, and many other churches in the diocese, for the first time since March 18. This will be a simple, said service, as we begin to accustom ourselves to the COVID-19 constraints on the liturgy. The 10:30 am Zoom Liturgy at Home will continue for the time being.


I know I am not alone in being grateful for the way in which Zoom technology has enabled us to maintain a sense of community over these past months, by enabling us to worship together, and also to continue with other meetings and administration. Looking ahead we are likely to have a “mixed-economy” of in-person and online activities for some time, so it will be important for us to hold the wider community together.


With this in mind, the Said Mass in church will largely follow the pattern of the Liturgy at Home we have been using on Zoom, to encourage our sense of worshipping together. We shall use the traditional language of the Ordinary of the Mass (Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei), the texts we usually sing. Other parts of the Liturgy, however, may be in more contemporary language, for example a Eucharistic Prayer from the BAS.


Everyone on our electronic mailing list should have received an email earlier this week with a survey on our Sunday Worship Pattern. Please respond as soon as you are able: Trustees are keen to be aware of the thoughts and feelings of the congregation, as they plan for the fall.


Here is the link to the survey again:


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Every blessing,

Fr. Kevin

Download the service booklet for Sunday here: Liturgy at Home Assumption Sun August 16 2020