Clergy Notes — Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 2, 2021

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

Jesus the Risen Lord, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, journeys with us as we continue through Eastertide, inviting us to rejoice in his presence and to share with him in the renewal of creation. St. John in this Sunday’s Gospel gives us the image of Jesus the true Vine: as shoots, tendrils and branches entwined together we are to draw the sap of life from him, “to abide in him, to abide in his love.”

All of us are weary now that we are well into the second year of this pandemic, worn down by the fear and the restrictions it continues to bring. Our hope and prayer remain that as more people receive the vaccine, and as we follow the health and safety guidelines, so some of these restrictions will be lifted. We long to be able to meet again for worship and fellowship, to see family and friends. Nonetheless it is likely to be still some time before we gather together in St. James’.

But that time will come! So on Saturday, May 29 at 10:30 am we shall have a Zoom conversation “St. James’ beyond Covid-19.” This will be an opportunity to take stock of where we are as a community, where we have come from, and then to look forward. Our last Visioning Statement and our Parish Profile are now 5+ years old. Do they still reflect our parish life? Are we journeying in the direction we had hoped? What insights have we learned during these past months? How may we continue to benefit from online meeting as well as in-person?

Finance, and our level of giving, is a concern, as always. More immediately pressing is how we sustain our Guilds, and the various duties necessary to run the parish effectively. We have an excellent team of lay leaders for the time being, thanks be to God, but we shall soon need to be looking to the next generation.

Please mark your calendar with this date – May, 29 10:30 am. Pray for our parish, for wisdom and insight, as we look to the future. Ask yourself how God might be calling you to offer your time and talents in God’s service, within and beyond St. James’.

Easter Blessings,

Fr. Kevin

Download the Sunday service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Easter 5 Sun May 2 2021