Clergy Notes — Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 25, 2021

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

The Diocesan Synod will meet via ZOOM on Saturday, May 15. The meeting will be shorter than usual as a result of the pandemic, but there will be important business to be considered. This will include Bishop John’s first presidential address, elections of new officers and committees, and motions relating to the Climate Emergency and Homelessness.

At an Archdeaconry Pre-Synod Meeting on Wednesday evening, members of the Climate Emergency Working Group gave a preliminary presentation to inform Delegates before the Synod debate proper. It will be proposed that the Diocese adopt the Anglican Church of Canada’s “Investing with a Mission” policy document, that parishes be encouraged to review their response to the Climate Emergency, eg examining carbon-footprint, and that a diocesan staff officer be appointed to support parishes and the Climate Emergency Working Group.

Members on the Parish Membership Roll are able to stand for election, but must be nominated by a Member of Synod. Please follow this link to find out further information. If you are interested in being a candidate, please let the office know.

Please pray for the Synod, especially for Bishop John, and for our St. James’ Clergy, and our Lay Delegates, Jenny Johnson, Pamela McDonald, and Leah Postman.

Easter Blessings,

Fr. Kevin

Download the service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Easter 4 Sun April 25 2021