5th Annual Bach-A-Thon

Monday, June 14th, 4 am — Tuesday, June 15, 4 am PDT

The Fifth Annual Bach-a-thon is a 24-hour event, live-streaming
the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach.  Organised by
Anna Lapwood, Director of Music at Pembroke College, Cambridge,
UK, the event is a fundraiser for musicians.

More than 80 organists are taking part in this event, and the
mighty organ of St. James’ will also be featured as PJ Janson
has recorded fifteen minutes of music : the beautiful and mystical
chorale prelude on the communion hymn “Deck thyself, my soul,
with gladness,” and the majestic Prelude and Fugue in E minor,
also known by the nickname “Cathedral.”

The live-streaming event is available on the Pembroke Choir
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/pembrokechoir