A Future With Hope – Week Two

“Worshipping at St. James’ over the past 18 months during the pandemic has been rewarding to me in a couple of ways. Over Zoom, my sense of the sacred was not lost as my view of the sanctuary was replaced with a checkerboard of St. James’ clergy and parishioners near and far. To me, the essence of our worship and connectedness remained authentic as ever. Now that I have returned to in-person church, it feels like I’ve never been away as we experience the fullness of worship that is our Anglo-Catholic heritage. I’m grateful to St. James’ clergy for their pastoral sensitivity and liturgical and formation leadership, keeping our faith community alive and well. The music leadership has also continued to lift our spirits so in a sense, we haven’t missed a beat. Well maybe a discordant covid note, but we are still singing in one accord. That is what I appreciate about St. James’”

— Doug Ibbott


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