Christmas Services at St James’

We are so thankful to be offering Christmas services in church once more at St James’! Please note these dates on your calendar and join us for some or all – you will be welcome!


4:00 pm – Said Mass in church


10.00 pm – Organ and Choral Prelude in church
10.30 pm – Midnight Mass in church

An ensemble of professional musicians will accompany the St James’ Choir in the presentation of Marc-Antonine Charpentier’s Messe de Minuit pour Noël.  This French Baroque setting uses no fewer than ten traditional French carols, while impressively revealing Charpentier’s mastery of the concertante style.

Registration is not required but congregation capacity is limited to 120, so please arrive in good time.


9:00 am – Zoom Liturgy at Home (details will be on the website and in the Thurible)

10:30 am – Solemn Mass in church