Clergy Notes — Seventh Sunday after Epiphany, February 20, 2022

This week we have received the good news that some of the Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed, and that we are moving carefully into a new “normal”. We hope and pray that this progress continues to advance.


Currently the regulations regarding in-church worship remain in place; a further announcement from Dr. Bonnie Henry in this regard is expected in due course. In the meantime Trustees & Wardens will consider carefully how and when we may move forward on in-person meetings and social events, bearing in mind the requirement that all participants are to show vaccine passports.


Bishop John has published a new Pastoral Letter on all this, to be found on the Diocesan website: He writes:


“I realize that it will be difficult to move quickly into these new possibilities and will take careful planning and preparation, however, it is important to be moving forward into this planning.


Once again we are all being asked to pivot and rethink how we are doing things. I know that this has been exhausting. But this feels different. We are moving to a relaxation of most of the protocols and mandates related to COVID-19. We still need to proceed with caution, and some people may be anxious about moving too quickly. I encourage everyone to begin thinking and planning about how we invite and encourage people to return to attending church in person. As we will soon move into the season of Lent and then Holy Week and Easter, it will be important to consider how we mark these new openings with worship, thanksgiving, and prayer. How we invite people to come to worship once more and feel safe and protected. How we invite people back into in-person community and celebrate this and God’s gifts to our lives. We are on the edge of a new start for our churches and other places of worship, and I encourage you to consider embracing the opportunity and possibilities. New beginnings are great sources of inspiration and innovation.


Please know of my ongoing prayers for all of you.


O God, the giver of our life and our hope, we thank you for this time and place where restrictions are being eased so that once more, we can know your presence in the community of others along with places of solitude. We give thanks for our neighbours, health care workers, front line workers, family and friends; all those who remind us of your abiding presence and Spirit despite this pandemic. We give thanks for your gifts of grace and compassion which you shower upon us. May we continue to be bearers of those same gifts in how we walk in this world. In the name of Jesus, the Word and Truth. Amen.


Blessings & Peace,



Download Sunday service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Epiphany 7 February 20 2022