Liturgy at Home & Zoom for Wednesday, April 13

Liturgy at Home – Holy Wednesday Reflection

7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Zoom Meeting details:


Meeting ID: 859 6576 4583

Passcode: 501979

Phone number: 778-907-2071


Download the Liturgy at Home booklet for 7 pm on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 here.


Last Sunday an intruder interrupted the Zoom service. The service was disconnected, and then restarted. Please note that this will be our practice: if it is necessary to interrupt the service, it will then be re-opened, using the same Zoom ID.


About Zoom:

Zoom is a simplified video conferencing and messaging application that can be downloaded to any device: Apple computer, Windows PC, Android phones, IOS iPads and iPhones, and others.

To download a free version of Zoom onto your tablet/phone, go to your usual App Store and search for the free Zoom Cloud Meeting App. Get, and follow instructions. (NB. Do not get the Business version, for which there is a charge.)

To download a free version of Zoom onto your computer type “zoom app” into Google, or type “zoom.us” in the url bar. This will bring you to the Zoom home page.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the home page and look under DOWNLOAD.

There are several options: for a Mac or PC desktop computer click “Meetings Client”; for Apple device users see above, or, click “iPhone/iPad App” and for Android phones click “Android”.

You will be asked to set up an account by giving your name and email address.

For more detailed instruction click on SUPPORT in the very right upper corner of the home page. Then click on “Getting Started”.

When you have downloaded Zoom you can “Join a Meeting” [in this case the service] by clicking the Join icon.

Then type in the Meeting ID number and password, or call the phone number.