Clergy Notes

Jesus, who has commanded us to feed his sheep says, “I am the bread of life.” In John 6 he illustrates this by miraculously feeding five thousand, yet many do not understand; they follow him across the lake to Capernaum because they wish to be fed another meal . . . understandably.

Physical hunger is a major world problem still and indeed, it is a very real problem even in our own neighbourhood. The extremely important work of food programs is absolutely critical to the survival of many, many of our friends and neighbours.

Yet, we very easily fall into the trap of the crowds who follow Jesus across the lake if we think that bread is the only way in which humans need to be fed. And when we look at the state of the world: the systems that perpetuate poverty, greed, anger, hatred . . . we realize that the problems run much deeper than physical hunger.

Humankind has tried to feed on everything else — including one another — and we have come up empty time and time again. There is a hunger in our souls that only the Word made flesh can satisfy. We who are commanded to feed Jesus’ sheep, and who are Jesus’ sheep may be overwhelmed by the monumental task before us if we have not understood that we must first be fed in order to feed others.

What ways does your soul need to be fed this week? I encourage you to set aside some time to allow the living bread of Christ to nourish you. In being fed, may you continue to be a blessing to those whom you feed with Christ’s presence in you.

Mother Amanda


Download the service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Easter 4 Sunday May 8 2022