Organist PJ Janson performs in the Pembroke College Bach-a-thon

Live-streamed Event
Monday, June 20th, 4 am — Tuesday, June 21, 4 am PDT

St James’ marvellous organ will be heard as part of the Sixth Annual Bach-a-thon — a 24-hour live-stream of the organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, organised by Anna Lapwood, Director of Music at Pembroke College, Cambridge, UK.


The annual event normally raises money to support the work of musicians / charities supporting musicians in Zambia. This year, developments in the wider world have prompted a shift to focus on raising funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.


The Bach-a-thon brings together 70 organists from the UK, USA, Canada, Poland, France, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia, Korea, the Philippines, Nigeria, Zambia and Ghana, with many organists pre-recording their performances, and other performing live from Pembroke College, Cambridge, UK.