Clergy Notes — Pentecost 14, Sunday September 11, 2022

September is a time of change; people go back to school; the weather begins to cool down; the leaves begin to change colours; we return to patterns and routines that perhaps hold a comforting familiarity after the lackadaisical ways of summer.

September also marks the beginning of the Season of Creation — not a liturgical season, but a time for the church to particularly recognize that we are called to care for creation — not to dominate or command it, but to love it as we love ourselves and our neighbours, seeing in creation a reflection of the Divine.

Jeremiah prophesies (Jer. 4:11) that God is about to bring a scorching wind which will “sweep down from the hilltops in the desert upon my dear people . . . even now I, myself, am calling down judgement upon them.”

It is striking to me that God does not appear to want to bring this judgement down upon them, but that their actions have required consequences. I cannot help but think of the consequences of our own actions in failing to care for the environment, and how the “scorching wind” in our own time is more than just metaphor — raging fires and floods and famine are very real indeed.

But it is not too late. We can learn from our mistakes and make amends. Every small step we take matters. Perhaps we might be moved during this season to ask a few more questions, and/or take a few more steps on our stewardship journey, together and as individuals. I encourage you to consider joining us for the Formation sessions this month, and the pilgrimage on October 1, as we explore together our call as baptized people to care for God’s beloved creation.

Mother Amanda


Download the Sunday service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Pentecost 14 September 11 2022