Clergy Notes — Pentecost 17, Sunday October 2 2022

What is faith? Is it the same as belief? Or trust? Or is it an action? Is it something we possess on our own or are we only able to have it through Christ? Maybe most importantly, what is it for?


The apostles ask Jesus in this weeks gospel to increase their faith. I think they are getting close to the truth Jesus has been trying to lead them to, but his response to them indicates that quantity of faith maybe isnt so important as what we dowith it. Even the most minuscule amount, he says, is enough to perform the impossible.


Do we live as though we believe we can do the impossible? Do we have faith enough?


As we celebrate the Dedication of St. James’ Church and I ponder on the conversation, worship, learning, and community I have been blessed to share with you the past few years, I can say with confidence that yes, we do have faith enough.


So then, what seemingly impossible things might we be called to uproot or call forth with the faith God has given us? Let your imagination soar, dear friends in Christ—for with God, and through the faithfulness of St. James’ Church, all things are possible.


Mother Amanda
Download the Sunday booklet here: Liturgy at Home Pentecost 17 October 2 2022