Clergy Notes — Remembrance Sunday, November 11 2022

On the Clergy Retreat, the leader, Bishop Matthias Der of Hong Kong, offered some challenging questions for our reflection. Clergy, like so many in the world today, are often too busy being busy that we fail to take time to stand back, and to ponder on what life is really all about. Retreat, or a time of silence each day, gives space for this reflection, prayer, and thanksgiving: good practice not just for clergy, but for all of us.

So I have come away with Bishop Matthias’ questions on my heart: you too may find them challenging, and worthy of consideration. How is my spiritual relationship with God going just now? How do I recognise, sense, God’s love enfolding me? Do I rejoice in being beloved of God? Then, who am I, deep down inside? Am I learning to love myself as God loves me? (Remember Jesus said, “Love your neighbour as [in the same way as] yourself.”) Does my relationship as God’s beloved free me to love God, and to love my neighbour? Do I recognise God coming to me in those around me?

These questions could take a lifetime and more to answer! But I invite you to spend a little time in silence this week, resting in God’s presence, opening your heart to God, pondering these things. Rest in God as one Beloved, and offer your love – for God, for neighbour, for self – in return.

We continue in our Stewardship Season, with the theme this year “Together for Joy.” Those on the Parish Membership Roll should have received a mailing, with a prayer and a pledge card. Please take some time to reflect and to give thanks for all the blessings you enjoy, and to review your stewardship of these precious gifts, your offering of time, talents, and giving, in thanksgiving and service. You are invited to return pledge cards, and Credit Card/PAD forms, by mail or in person, by next Sunday, the Feast of the Reign of Christ the King.

Membership Forms are available at the back of church, or from [email protected]. If you have not received a mailing, and would like one, please email the office.

Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvellous things!

Every blessing,

Fr. Kevin

Download the Service booklet here: Liturgy at Home Pentecost 23 Remem November 13 2022