Clergy Notes — The Baptism of our Lord, Sunday January 8 2023

Whenever I think about the mystery of the Incarnation, inevitably I find myself travelling the short road from intellectual thought into wonder and delight – how awesome it is that we have a God who chooses to self-reveal in ways which we can observe – even if we cannot fully comprehend!

Epiphany and of the Baptism of Christ following so shortly after the Nativity of our Lord show us that not only does God self-reveal in one miraculous way but in several. Of course, the Great Creator, who made us all and knows us so intimately—our hearts, our minds, our doubts and questions, our passions and cynicisms—knows exactly how each of us is most likely to recognize the Divine.

The question is, are we prepared to look? to notice? to wonder? Are we willing to be vulnerable enough to fall on our knees in joy at the presence of the Most High revealed in something as easy to dismiss as “just a star,” “just a baby,” “just a dove,” or “just bread and wine?”

God has come amongst us. How will we respond?

Mother Amanda

Download service booklet here:Liturgy at Home Baptism of our Lord January 8 2023