Clergy Notes — Second Sunday of Lent, March 5, 2023

In the small hours one morning recently I found myself listening to a radio documentary. The narrator, a native Nigerian, raised as a devout Roman Catholic, emigrated to the UK. Somewhat disillusioned with his faith, he began to look to the indigenous faith of his home-country. He recounts the difficulty of coming out to his mother and his family about his spiritual journey, as he endeavoured to respect both his Roman Catholic and his indigenous heritage.

Later in the week I was privileged to listen to someone recount their spiritual journey via Buddhist discipline and insight to a deeper Christian understanding of prayer and faith.

Both of these happenings reminded me of the complexity of our faith journeys, of the similarities and differences between the traditions, of how we may learn from one another, and especially from those who are different. How sometimes too, we are quick to dismiss the other, unwilling to be open to new insight.

The journey of Lent is a time to be still and to reflect; to be open to the richness of the world and the cultures around us; to look for the presence of Jesus, who, if we wait upon him, will reveal himself to us anew as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Every blessing,
Fr Kevin