Clergy Notes — Corpus et Sanguis Christi, June 11, 2023

On 20 June we shall be holding an event to celebrate the commitment over the years of our Guilds at St James’, which has been essential to the continuing mission, witness, and service of our parish.  Guild leaders are contacting members with details.  There is so much for which to be thankful, not least innumerable hours of voluntary service and dedication.

As has been said more than once, times are changing, we are all getting older, so some of our Guilds are no longer able to continue as before.  We are discovering new ways of getting things done.

After more years as a Member than I guess she may care to remember, Elizabeth Davies has stepped down as President of the Sanctuary Guild, a responsibility which she has exercised with faithfulness and devotion for many years.  I wish to put on record the Parish’s thanks to Elizabeth, and to other faithful members of the Guild, among them Pamela Jeacocke, Betty Carlson, Peter Symons, Jean Wilson, and the late Mary-Ann Currie, whose death we announced last week.  We are so grateful for their work, which has enabled us to offer worthy worship in our Catholic tradition.

The Guild, sadly, is no longer able to function as it did, so in a sense is in abeyance.  In response to his kind offer of assistance, I have appointed David Agler, whom some will remember, as Sacristan.  David, assisted by Betty Carlson, will oversee things for the time being, with support from any willing volunteers.  I am grateful to David for taking on this responsibility.

Observant members of the congregation will have noticed the absence of the crucifix on the High Altar during Eastertide.  This was not a liturgical innovation:  it had suffered a mishap during Holy Week!  Now skilfully repaired, it is back in its rightful place.

Every blessing,
Fr Kevin

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