Clergy Notes — Trinity Sunday, June 4, 2023

Trinity Sunday can be a reminder for us how challenging it is to say anything definitive about God, yet Scripture is full of glimpses into God’s character. I am particularly drawn to the imagery in the poetry of the Creation story in Genesis. It paints a lovely picture of an intentional Divine Spirit, hovering watchfully, brooding, preparing to birth a new creation.

This image of God is not a passive one; it is fierce and creative. I think of the Holy Spirit in this way – she moves where she wills, and (to quote Bishop John’s Pentecost sermon at SJC) “She has stirred and nudged and ruined some plans and created even more grand new ones.” The Spirit of God is all about creativity and movement; she does not let us become stagnant or complacent; she generates transformation, growth, and new life.

As the Church set on fire by the same Holy Spirit, we are called to live into the image of the Triune God we praise and proclaim. This may well cause us to feel unsettled at times; I think this may perhaps be why every time one of God’s messengers appears, they begin by saying, “Be not afraid.” God rarely calls us to do safe, comfortable things!

This is an invitation for us, to approach with wonder the mystery of the Trinity, and to always be aware that we are called to be co-creators with God, even when that may make us feel a little scared; a little uncomfortable. It is during those times when we may draw the most comfort from the words of Jesus, “And, remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Mother Amanda

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