Clergy Notes — Baptism of Our Lord, January 7, 2024

Epiphany-tide is a time of revealing and of recognising. Jesus reveals God-self to the Magi as the Babe of Bethlehem; to John the Baptist and the crowd at his baptism; to his mother, the steward, and the guests, at the Wedding at Cana by changing water into wine.

I was honoured to receive as a Christmas gift from a parishioner a little crèche: Mary and Joseph, with the Christ-child’s crib, under a tarp in the Downtown Eastside. In my Christmas Day sermon I referenced the crèche in the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Bethlehem this year: the Christ-child’s crib set amidst a pile of rubble, poignant and challenging.

How does Jesus reveal God-self in our midst, amongst us, wherever we find ourselves? Are we ready to recognise him? What gifts might we bring?

Spend some time this week if you are able. Pray for grace to recognise and honour Jesus in those whom you meet, and for grace to be Christ-like that he may be recognised in you.

Let us, like Mary, treasure these things, and ponder them in our heart.

With every blessing for all that 2024 will bring,
Fr Kevin

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