Clergy Notes — Last Sunday After Epiphany, February 11, 2024

Last Sunday, Fr Kevin highlighted for us the importance of taking time to pause and be quietly with God, particularly in the midst of our very busy lives. This week I had the privilege of doing just that, in preparation for the upcoming Lenten season. The luxury of a few days spent in prayer, holy conversation, silence, and reading, brought refreshment to my soul. One of the ways I can tell I am truly resting in the presence of God is that my creative energy begins to flow more freely, and I am more inspired to write, and to create.

I like to think of these activities as an extension of my prayer: ora et labora, as the Benedictine expression goes. Whatever it is we do, our prayer moves with us to our work, and our work becomes prayer. Our time spent in the Work of God (the Daily Office) gives us fresh energy for our daily labours, and allows us to become more conscious of God’s presence, which is – of course – always with us.

Which brings us to the purpose of the Lenten season, almost upon us. Lenten disciplines are meant to assist us in walking alongside Christ in his wilderness, just as he walks alongside us in ours. Fasting, almsgiving, and prayer are the methods by which the faithful have traditionally sought to do this, but they are not the end goal. Their purpose is always to point us away from the things that distract us and back towards Christ, who is our true goal.

As we approach the beginning of the Lenten season, it may be helpful to begin thinking/praying about what we might need right now in order for us to become more consciously aware of God’s presence. Perhaps we may be encouraged – not just to take up the same pious practice we always do for Lent – but to thoughtfully choose something that might both challenge us and awaken our souls to the ever-present Christ in our lives, right now.

Mother Amanda

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