Clergy Notes — Aboriginal Prayer Sunday, June 23, 2024

As many of you know, I have just recently returned from study leave in Rome. It was an incredibly enriching journey – one I have wanted to make for a long time.

A large part of my purpose for this trip was a pilgrimage course at the Anglican Centre in Rome; a place I have followed with great interest for some years. The ACR has been at the heart of Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue since 1966, hosting scholars, art exhibitions, specialized courses, and was – most recently – the host for the 2024 Primate’s Meeting.

Quite apart from major events like these, however, the ACR is also a regular space for hospitality and encounter. Attendees of the Tuesday Mass (and indeed, participants in the courses) are a mixture of Roman Catholic and Anglican; Lutheran and non-denominational; ordained and lay; students and teachers; visitors and residents.

The partnerships and friendships forged through the ACR have become the basis for a growing and strengthening ecumenical partnership, and a source of hope and joy and love for everyone whom they touch – myself included. I was certainly very moved and heartened to be a small part of it – and encouraged that perhaps there is hope for the Christian family after all, even in the midst of many ongoing challenges.

As we celebrate National Indigenous Day of Prayer here in our part of the world, I wonder what these kinds of friendships across divides might teach us about our own situation. Certainly, I can see clear parallels in our own life at St. James’ in our ongoing commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, of course, but – more importantly – in friendships and partnerships that have been nurtured and nourished over time.

I am grateful for those before me who have laid these foundations; for the Elders who have taught me so very much; and for all who continue to be committed to healing and walking together on this journey. Our differences are important, but so is what we share: one Creator, one faith, one baptism.

Mother Amanda

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