Today we commemorate John Charles Roper; an Englishman who came to this country in 1886 as the first Keble Professor of Divinity at Trinity College in Toronto. He was the bishop of British Columbia for a short time, then eventually became Archbishop of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario. Most of Fr. Roper’s contributions to the Anglican […]

Allport (1960) explica lo que es un sentimiento religioso maduro. Para Allport, la religión sofisticada no es egoísta, sino una devoción intrínseca y genuina de aquellos que creen y aman a Dios y, por lo tanto, están interesados en la mejora de sí mismos y de su comunidad. Interpreto el párrafo anterior y entiendo que internalizar mi […]

Allport (1960) explains what a mature religious sentiment is. For Allport, sophisticated religion is not self-serving, but an intrinsic and genuine devotion of those who believe and love God and hence are interested in the betterment of themselves and their community. I interpret the previous paragraph and understand that internalizing my belief in Christ and […]

I pray the Rosary because it does me good because it is a traditional contemplative prayer in which we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary’s role as God’s mother. Anglicanism is understood as a middle way between Catholicism and Protestantism. It is a Catholic, Apostolic and Reformed church. Catholic because it […]