(a guest post by Christopher Wagner)  “PJ, like pajamas.” Martin and I shook hands with the animated musician and introduced ourselves as well. PJ wasted no time with small talk […]

Back in fall, St James’ held a three-week campaign where we asked parishioners to share their experiences of the parish and the church, in light of the pandemic situation as […]

“I see it in how the congregation welcomes and embraces every person who comes through the doors. I witness the dedication of many to provide a spiritual home, where all […]

“Worshipping at St. James’ over the past 18 months during the pandemic has been rewarding to me in a couple of ways. Over Zoom, my sense of the sacred was […]

“I’ve been living in the area for just over five years, and been attending St. James’ for four of those years. Before coming to St. James’ I never thought it […]