Allport (1960) explica lo que es un sentimiento religioso maduro. Para Allport, la religión sofisticada no es egoísta, sino una devoción intrínseca y genuina de aquellos que creen y aman a Dios y, por lo tanto, están interesados en la mejora de sí mismos y de su comunidad. Interpreto el párrafo anterior y entiendo que internalizar mi […]

Allport (1960) explains what a mature religious sentiment is. For Allport, sophisticated religion is not self-serving, but an intrinsic and genuine devotion of those who believe and love God and hence are interested in the betterment of themselves and their community. I interpret the previous paragraph and understand that internalizing my belief in Christ and […]

I pray the Rosary because it does me good because it is a traditional contemplative prayer in which we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary’s role as God’s mother. Anglicanism is understood as a middle way between Catholicism and Protestantism. It is a Catholic, Apostolic and Reformed church. Catholic because it […]

Rezo el Rosario porque me hace bien, porque es una oración contemplativa tradicional en la que se recuerda la vida de Jesucristo y el papel de la Virgen María como madre de Dios. El anglicanismo se entiende como una vía media entre el catolicismo y el protestantismo. Es una iglesia Católica, Apostólica y Reformada. Católica […]

During the past several months of physical distancing due to the pandemic, I have been encouraged by the many ways the people of the Diocese of New Westminster have embraced our identity as the body of Christ, even when we cannot meet in person. Some folks have even emphatically proclaimed that church has nothing to do […]