I pray the Rosary because it does me good because it is a traditional contemplative prayer in which we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary’s role […]

Rezo el Rosario porque me hace bien, porque es una oración contemplativa tradicional en la que se recuerda la vida de Jesucristo y el papel de la Virgen María como […]

During the past several months of physical distancing due to the pandemic, I have been encouraged by the many ways the people of the Diocese of New Westminster have embraced […]

We have learned to see our world through megapixels. Our reality is affirmed by likes and taps on screens. Today walking down the street I saw two men engaged in […]

By —Paul Stanwood How can we begin to build a new altar at St. James’?  Our celebrations are rich and plentiful, and the church is a centre of beauty.  Yet […]