St James’ Music Series

Some time ago we asked people two basic questions: ‘What brought you to St James’ and ‘why do you stay.’ A recurrent theme in their answers was music: ‘The music, the beautiful building,’ ‘The music; I love the music and hope it will never disappear,’ ‘Liturgy, music, architecture, and service.’ And that is just on a Sunday. Come to St James’ on a weekday afternoon, and the church is bustling with children from Canada’s lowest income urban neighbourhood who, through the St James’ Music Academy, receive music lessons at no cost.

This year we are adding an additional element to our vibrant music tradition by launching a new series which will appeal to a wide audience by offering a diverse range of concerts. The concerts will feature high quality artistry and allow audiences to appreciate the church’s marvellous architecture and superb acoustics.

St James’ Anglican Church is a unique church building designed by Adrian Gilbert Scott, the brother of Giles Gilbert Scott who architected the iconic British red telephone box. The church’s design is a combination of Art Deco, Romanesque Revival, Byzantine Revival, and Gothic Revival architecture.

St James’ church seats 350 people, has a baby grand piano, and a 3-manual, 31-rank organ Casavant Frères pipe organ. Its remarkable acoustics are ideal for voice, choir, and chamber ensembles.

If you are interested in being part of this concert series, please contact the Music Series Administrator, Michelle Herrewynen : [email protected]