We have officially moved past the halfway point of this calendar year. It is 171 days until Christmas. You know Christmas Eve is my favourite service of the year, but I must be patient, there is lots coming up between now and then and  so much has happened at St. James’ already this year! We […]

The summer is here . . . I think it is now safe to say that given the warm weather, even with our Canadian predisposition to comment on the weather daily! Have I jinxed us? If winter arrived this weekend, you can blame me. It has always seemed odd to me that during the summer […]

What does it feel like to come in to church? I’ve heard a few things while we have been trialling “Open Church” between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. “It’s so peaceful in here, I’ve walked past but never been in.” “Wow it’s beautiful in here. Is there a service happening today?” “I’ve always wondered about […]

On September 23, 2017, the people and clergy of St. James’ Anglican Church and its Street Outreach Initiative offered a Feast for Survivors of the Indian Residential Schools. We remembered the children and teens who attended the schools — including those who never returned home — seeking to honour their qualities of Dignity, Courage, and […]

I was asked the other day what attracts me most about St James’: this gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past three years, and why I am thankful and privileged to be Rector in this remarkable community. Two things continue to stand out. First, the centrality and beauty of worship: the Eucharist, be […]