The world has been a little grim recently, with various countries and world leaders making decisions that shock us, make us cringe, make us feel angry etc. War and terrorism are ever present, and I find myself along with others of you, expressing concern, but also occasionally feeling a great weight of sadness. With that, […]

Fr Canon Kevin Hunt

At the half-way stage of our Lenten journey the Church gives us this Refreshment or Mothering Sunday, a relaxing of the fast, to help us catch our breath. Today we have flowers on the altar, the vestments are rose-coloured, organ voluntaries are played and simnel cake is served. Next Sunday, Lent 5 or Passion Sunday, […]

Fr Canon Kevin Hunt

Accountability is a buzz-word these days. One way or another, in politics and business, in civic and community living, people question, hold one another to account. We see this on a grand scale in the stand-off between President Trump and the US Courts, or the current series of protests against oil pipelines. On the individual […]

Fr Canon Kevin Hunt

At St. James’ this Lent there are a number of spiritual exercises available for us: the Lent study group, Five Marks of Love, after High Mass on Sundays or at 5.30 for 6.00 pm on Thursdays; an hour of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament at 4.00 pm on Sundays; Stations of the Cross after […]


Remember the Refugees and Migrants On Ash Wednesday many shared in a liturgy including the Imposition of Ashes. Some presiders blot these ashes upon our foreheads and we are reminded that we are but dust and to dust shall we return. Others trace them upon our forehead in the sign of the cross, a reminder […]