I’ve been looking forward to Parish Council, it is good for us to be together as a community to think about where we are at and where we are headed and to celebrate Mass together. In the coming weeks we will be walking through the Book of Acts in our formation sessions and thinking about […]

This week on Tuesday I walked to work. It is five and a half kilometres and I was energized and extremely proud of myself. However, they do say pride comes before a fall.  Wednesday, I was a little sore! Why not take the bus? Well there are a few reasons for that, one of them […]

As many of you know I am someone who likes to be creative: whether painting, carving or crafting, I’m generally trying to do something. Not surprisingly that is true of my prayer life as well, so I tend to journal, paint, carve and weave during my devotional time. This past Wednesday morning I woke up […]

What are we doing here? I’m not asking the big questions about God and the universe. I’m asking, what are we doing here at St. James’? What are you doing here? Why do you come? One of the things, I’ve yet to complete on our website is a few personal testimonials about why we are […]

This week I had the chance to walk around the Clergy House with Nancy our Project Manager. The space is gutted through and some of the rooms have started to take shape. Mechanical and electrical pipes and wires hang from the ceiling and the old and the new lie side by side, beckoning the viewer […]