Time, talents, treasure. It’s stewardship month. Every year I find myself reflecting on what I give and how much I give to God before I sort out bills, donate to other causes and spend my time on this or that. Every year I oscillate between feeling guilty and frustrated about all of the above. When […]

This Remembrance Day we mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. I have been fortunate enough to not live through war in the places I have lived, yet there are wars being fought right now in places I will never see. The closest I have come to war, is saying goodbye […]

Recipients, family and friends.

I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween or attending All Souls’ Mass. On Halloween, trick or treaters were generally thought to be kids up to no good, looking for an excuse to toilet paper a house or spray silly string through their neighbour’s letter boxes. Some years we went to “Crazy Colours” parties, which was the […]

The DTES Heart of the City Festival began on Wednesday 24 October and runs through to Sunday 4 November. This is the 15th Annual Festival celebrating the rich and diverse cultural life of our neighbourhood, expressed in music and theatre, dance, written and spoken word, film and art. What wealth there is here in the […]