“Coming, ready or not!” Do you remember the seeker’s signal in the children’s game ‘Hide and Seek’ that she is opening her eyes and beginning to search, whether or not the hiders have managed to find a secret refuge? Too late now, if you’re caught, you’re caught! This is the Advent call of Jesus too: […]


Why has the Feast of Christ the King, which apparently originated as recently as 1925, risen to such prominence? Was it devised (partly) in order to rehabilitate the idea and the institution of monarchy after the cataclysm of the First World War? Only a few years after the Bolshevik October Revolution, and at a time […]

The Culture Crawl is this weekend, so the Eastside will be crawling with creativity! As human beings we are creative by nature, as Christians we believe this is because we are made in God’s image, and God is our creator! You don’t have to prowl through the studios in East Vancouver to find God’s creativity. […]

Like you I received Fr. Kevin’s letter encouraging us to consider prayerfully how to respond to the call for a renewed commitment of generosity toward the church and its ministry, recognizing that all we have comes from God. Time, talents, treasure. These are the categories. At this time of year I find myself focussed on […]

[The St. James’ Street Outreach Initiative has benefited greatly from this program.] care + share has been helping to fund a wide variety of ministries in our diocese since 2011. The ministries are supported for a two-year period to help them to expand and strengthen their work.  Every two years Synod selects and affirms from […]