In the last few weeks many people have asked me how I feel about being ordained to the Priesthood on June 24th 2017. It is a difficult question to answer, not because I have any reservations, but because the feeling itself is so difficult to put into words. I read something recently that spoke to […]


This week we celebrate Corpus Christi, (Latin for “The Body of Christ”) when we focus on the reality of the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The liturgy is a reflection eight weeks after Easter on the institution of the Lord’s Supper as it has been handed down to us from that […]


Let us live in this love and this happiness, you and I and all of us, in the love of Christ and in contemplation, for this is where we find ourselves and one another as we truly are. It is only in this love that we at last become real. For it is here that […]


This Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost, known as the fiftieth day, because it fell on the fiftieth day after Passover (7 weeks and a day), and was celebrated with the first fruits of the harvest being offered by the Jewish people of the time. This was also the day that the Holy Spirit descended in […]


Call to Prayer: “Thy Kingdom Come” by the Primate & the Archbishop of Canterbury St. Luke writes that following the Ascension of the Lord, the disciples were gathered in an upper room “constantly devoting themselves to prayer.” A number of women joined them, including Mary, the mother of Jesus (Acts 1:14). Since those first few […]