On Sunday afternoon at 4.00 pm the Choir will lead us in Choral Evensong, one of the glories of Anglican worship. After the anthem, the priest will set on the altar the monstrance (from the Latin “to show”), a stand with a glass “clock-face” surrounded by a gold sunburst in which the consecrated bread, “the […]

This Sunday in Rome Pope Francis will canonise five new Saints, including John Henry Newman, the 19th century English priest, poet, educationalist, apologist and theologian. Newman is an important figure in the life of both the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches; he had quite a “faith journey,” with significant impact on his contemporaries, and on […]

This weekend we celebrate the Dedication Festival of St. James’ Church, its being set apart to the glory, and for the worship, of almighty God. Our current building is the third church in the parish, and the second on this site. We are justifiably proud of its splendid and distinctive architecture, which lends itself to […]

It’s amazing what life throws at us, and the surprises that God weaves into the mix as we go. Many of you have approached me recently with concern about my epilepsy. I had a couple of seizures at the end of August and have been struggling with the side effects of increased medication. I’ve been […]

Fall has arrived, it seems, and with it schools and churches begin a new term. St. James’ is no exception! The choir is back, and this week Formation sessions begin with a new book study. We shall have the Stewardship Program in November, preceded by our Dedication Festival on October 6 when we shall focus […]