As we celebrate our Patronal Festival of St. James this weekend, we are delighted to welcome as the preacher at Solemn Mass the Reverend Dr. Malcolm Guite, Chaplain of Girton College in the University of Cambridge, UK.  I know many amongst us find his poetry enriching and illuminating:  several of Malcolm’s poems, as in this […]

Dear People of the Diocese of New Westminster, Greetings to you all. As many of you know, given my unexpected hospital stay, I was only able to participate in General Synod through watching the livestream. Even at that distance, the experience with all its decisions and statements was full of many different, powerful emotions: amazement, […]

As many of you know, I’m privileged to have returned recently from an Alaskan cruise.  We were able to marvel at the wonders of the deep, and the majesty of the creation:  land and seascape, marine, animal and bird wildlife.  It was a truly awesome experience. The second Sunday in July is often observed as […]

Greetings friends, thank you for inquiries about the food drive collection to benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the boxes. You will find them in the baptistery and a box in the Narthex for individual donations this Sunday. The coming week will be a busy one for our diocese as the General Synod approaches […]

Do you remember back in January a group of us from the Thursday night Bible Study went and spent the evening volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank instead of at the church? While there, we learned that the summer is the toughest time of year for the food bank as they receive fewer donations. […]