Street Outreach

Street-involved adults living in Vancouver’s DTES struggle daily with poverty, mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, social isolation, and with the legacy of past traumas.  In the midst of this, Street Outreach Priest, Fr Matthew Johnson, seeks by word and deed, to remind each person he encounters of their infinite value in the eyes of God.  The DTES is a parish where anything can and does happen, where no day is typical, and where Jesus Christ is found in the least expected persons and places.

We provide: 

  • frontline pastoral care
  • aboriginal liaison
  • holy communion
  • invitation to worship
  • anointing for healing
  • confession / reconciliation
  • pastoral counseling
  • bible study
  • room blessings
  • 5th step meetings
  • hospital visits
  • prayer resources
  • funerals / memorials
  • residential school liaison

streetoutreach-stjames-anglicanchurch-vancouver600For those who are interested, the Outreach’s religious dimension includes an invitation to St James Church, and a welcome to full participation in worship.  As part of the Street Outreach, on Sunday mornings at St James lay ministers provide an outward looking reception of street-involved newcomers, who are welcomed on the front steps of the Church, invited into the Liturgy, and greeted at the coffee hour.

Over the years numerous persons encountered by the Street Outreach have become active members of St James Church, with some also becoming volunteers.

Join us in reaching out

Our Partners 

The Street Outreach Initiative is made possible by a three-way funding partnership:

  • Members of St James Church (25%)
  • Anglican Diocese of New Westminster (25%)
  • Community Partners and Individual Donors (50%)

Contact Us

Kelly Habarugira – Office Operations

Fr Matthew Johnson – Street Outreach Priest

Street Outreach Initiative
303 Cordova St E
Vancouver BC, V6A 1L4

604 685 7522 (If we miss your call please leave a message)
[email protected]