In the first chapter of John’s Gospel, two of the disciples of John the Baptist express an interest in learning more from Jesus. They address him as “teacher” and it is clear that they want to spend time listening to what he has to say. They ask him where he is living. His reply is interesting. He does not give them the address or help them with directions. He issues an invitation “Come and see.”

At St. James’, we issue the same invitation when we open the doors of our church on Monday and Wednesday mornings. A group of dedicated volunteers is there to welcome visitors into our sacred space. A hot beverage and a place to warm-up is offered, along with friendly conversation and information. Equally important, however, is our directing attention beyond the wood and stone to the ways in which we are taken into the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the place in which we meet Christ in word and sacrament, psalm and song and in the fellowship of believers. We are drawn out of our ordinary lives and begin to enter the beauty of holiness and the silence of eternity.

“Let us build a house

Where love can dwell

And all can safely live

A place where

Saints and children tell

How hearts learn to forgive

Built of hopes and dreams and visions

Rich of faith and vault of grace

Here the love of Christ shall end divisions

All are welcome in this place”

Additional volunteers are always welcome as we try to put this into practice.

Father Neil Gray

Last Sunday, we celebrated the Feast of Candlemas. The church recalled the occasion on which Jesus, like all first-born male children, was presented to God in the Temple in Jerusalem. In the same ceremony, his mother underwent the ritual purification that was required after child-birth. Luke tells us in his account of the event, that […]

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PRESENTATION OF CEREMONIAL BLANKET TO ST. JAMES’ CHURCH Presenting blankets to individuals or organisations is an important First Nations’ ceremonial tradition. At High Mass today, in place of the sermon, Kelvin Bee, who is an Elder of the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation and a Trustee of St. James’ Parish, will present to the church a ceremonial […]

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To be a follower of Christ is not to dabble in being nice or simply in mutual exchanges to balance everything. It is to be willing to sacrifice self, to be willing to give up what you might be entitled to in order to assist others. That is not a concept that sits easily in […]