Clergy Notes — Sunday, April 21, 2019

We made it! We made it through another Lent!

As Christians we talk a lot about journey and Holy Week is a time when we journey (literally) with Jesus, acting out his last few days before His resurrection. Why? Because we need to. The walk through Holy Week, gives us a glimpse of the cost God was willing to pay to be in right relationship with humanity once more. The good news? It is not the end! The journey continues!

Over 2000 years later we journey on with God as the Body of Christ here in Vancouver and in communion with Christians around the world. One bread, one body.

There is a good deal of mystery surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. I often think of the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark when I think about the leap of faith into the mystery of life with God. I once had a teacher who told me that you can get 90% of the way there with God through scripture, prayer and praise, but the last 10%, that’s where real faith comes in and you have to leap, like Indiana Jones as he runs the gauntlet of tasks (including the invisible bridge over the chasm) to get to the Holy Grail and bring it back to save his dad’s life.

This year as some of you know, I’ll be off on a journey during Easter on the Camino De Santiago in France and Spain. I’ve tried to pack light, but also for every possible scenario. Sitting on my kitchen floor last night I realized that some of the stuff I wanted to take needed to be stripped away. What will come will come, and I’m going to have to trust that God will do the heavy lifting (spiritually, I’m going to have to heave myself along the trail, which will be a miracle to behold I’m sure)!

I’ll miss you while I’m away and I’ll be praying that this coming Easter season will bring you renewed faith and new hope in Christ Risen.

See you in five weeks.

Mother Lucy