Clergy Notes for the Dedication of St. James’ Church — Sunday, October 4, 2020

This Sunday we begin our new pattern of worship: 9:00 am Liturgy at Home on Zoom, and 10:30 am Sung Mass in Church. Liturgy at Home will retain its current format; the Sung Mass will follow the pattern of the Said Mass we have been celebrating since mid-August, with additions to the music and ceremonial. In this way, there will be a similar shape to the Liturgy, online and in Church.


We are very much on a learning curve, and the Liturgy will evolve and develop as we discover together what we can offer well within the Covid-19 restrictions. I am very grateful to Gerald and to Wayne for the thought and care they are putting in to make our music and ceremonial possible.


The rite will continue to contain both traditional and contemporary language, enabling us both to benefit from developments in the liturgical movement of the last 100 years, for example, the BAS Eucharistic Prayers, and to retain the traditional texts which we are accustomed to sing. You may recall a sermon some time ago when Fr. Matthew drew to our attention the varied (and valid!) theological emphases of the different Eucharistic Prayers. There will be scope too for more seasonal variations in the rite as we move through the liturgical year.


It is good to be able to worship again in church, but like many of you, I know, I find it feels very strange: no congregational singing, keeping six feet apart from everyone, wearing masks, bathing in sanitizer. Nonetheless, we gather together to break bread in obedience to the Lord’s command, and so express ourselves as the Body of Christ.


At the same time, it is important to remember that in this time of pandemic our Zoom worship is also an effective expression of the life in Christ of our St. James’ community. Whether in Church or at home, we offer our prayer and praise to God, recognise the image of Christ in one another, and commit ourselves week by week to shine with the light and love of Christ amongst our neighbours.


Every blessing,

Fr. Kevin

To download the service booklet click here: Liturgy at Home Pent 17 Dedication of St James Oct 4 2020