Clergy Notes — September 15, 2019

Fall has arrived, it seems, and with it schools and churches begin a new term. St. James’ is no exception! The choir is back, and this week Formation sessions begin with a new book study.

We shall have the Stewardship Program in November, preceded by our Dedication Festival on October 6 when we shall focus on what it is to be the Body of Christ together in this place. How do we sustain our Guilds and Ministries, to continue to offer our worship and witness day by day? I came across a quotation the other day which seems to reflect contemporary society’s approach to life in general, but maybe in the life of the church too: “we want to be connected without being encumbered.” If everyone has this attitude, then nothing will get done. Your church needs you! How might God be calling you to use your gifts in the life of the church and in God’s mission in the world?

Dr. Jason Brown, our sacristan and one of our servers, has been engaged over the past couple of years in discernment of a vocation to the priesthood. An important part of this has been conversation for the past six months with a discernment group in the parish. Jason is now ready to move onto the next stage in the process, which will be an extended placement in a different parish, St Mary’s, Kerrisdale. Today will be Jason’s last regular Sunday at St. James’ for the time being. We are grateful for his presence amongst us, and for his contribution to our life and ministry. We assure him of our good wishes and prayers as he and the wider church continue to seek God’s will for him.

Fr. Kevin