Clergy Notes — Sunday, September 8, 2019

I love this time of year, it’s still summery out, but there are those odd trees which have already donned their autumnal colours, while the others around them remain green. Oh Canada, how we love to talk about the weather and all things related to it. It makes for easy conversation, unlike other things, like following Jesus. Since coming to Vancouver, I’ve often found that it’s easier to come out as gay than as Christian.

We’re an inclusive congregation, we welcome all. Everyone and anyone. In past discussions at parish councils, coffee hour and study groups, many of you have expressed that it is difficult to speak about your faith. So let’s speak about that!

Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don’t Belong To. That’s the book we’ll be discussing this Fall. I hope you’ll consider grabbing a copy and joining the Wednesday night or Thursday morning groups.

As I’ve been reading it, I find myself asking again and again, why are we shy about our Christian identities? Why is it easier to talk about “spirituality” in general terms, than admitting we belong to an organized religion?

The above mentioned book addresses these questions simply and with good humour. The dates are in your bulletin. I hope to hear from you with an RSVP that proclaims, “Yes! I’m coming!” for a two- week commitment. Go on, I dare you.

See you soon,

Mother Lucy