Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven – Text: Ps. 103; para. Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847) / Music: John Goss (1800-1880) view video here This hymn is a free paraphrase of Psalm 103, written by Henry Francis Lyte, in five stanzas of six lines, for his congregation at Lower Brixham, and published first in his […]

As many of us return to work, school, and other responsibilities, we do so this year with the additional weight of the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Some are still displaced from their homes due to fire and flood; others struggling with grief and loss of other kinds. How many of us have lifted our voices with […]

Liturgy at Home Zoom Mass 9:00 am on Sunday, September 12, 2021   Zoom Meeting details: Meeting ID: 892 8242 6421 Passcode: 300707 Phone number: 778-907-2071   Download the Liturgy at Home booklet for 9:00 am on Sunday, September 12, 2021 here: Liturgy at Home Holy Cross Sept 12 2021   About Zoom:   Zoom […]

Christus factus est – Felice Anerio (c. 1560 – 1614) view video here In the modern Graduale Romanum, this text, from Philippians 2:8-9, is the Gradual for Passion (Palm) Sunday and The Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14). Felice Anerio’s setting is sung this Sunday morning as the communion motet. One of the leading Roman composers […]

It seems these days that one cannot interact long with another person before the conversation eventually turns to the topic of pandemic, vaccines, protests or something in that general arena. Tensions are high, as these issues affect us all — societally as well as individually — and our feelings are amplified by the fact that […]